Colors of A Happy World

Each unique and handmade, beaded straps inspired by the artist Frida Kahlo. Made by hand, each woven tapestry is created using 10,000+ beads. It took over a year to take our designs and artisans to work together to create this collection.

Grab a Date Night Clutch and be the most stylish chick in the room!

A bounty of straps are available in the shop! Each unique, one of a kind and handmade! Use them for your bag for added flair or your camera to be unique all the beauty you capture on film!

Go Gold and Give! These bags are made by a special small Indigenous Female led Family Collective. The bags have silver hardware but gold zippers with gold ribbon zipper pulls. These give back in everyway! Only a few left so buy with your heart and make a purchase that makes a difference.

Buy one of the Go Gold and Give bags and at least 25% of the proceeds go to the American Childhood Cancer Organization!

We have the best customers!!!! Thank you! We couldn't love you more!

Our Convertible Clutches are amazing, use them as a crossbody, clutch, wristlet, date night bag, inside your big CDB to organize. They're the best for everything!

This amazing, rare Snake Huipil bag is so special. The snake is not ominous in Mayan beliefs, but sacred. The God of creation and protection. Let this beauty be your personal protection amulet.

There is an amazing and talented woman that created your huipil. Learn about her and Sirens & Starlight.

Take the time to read about the details hidden in the weaving of your Huipil Bag!

I am all about the details in my jewelry. Even a simple piece needs to have them.

The beauty and the colors

View of Lake Atitlan and the volcanos

The mantra that I stand by for these Guatemalan imports. My suppliers is wonderful! We partner with several collectives to share the financial benefits to more people

It is so very true

The beautiful faces of Guatemala in the marketplace with their huipils and foot loomed fabrics for sale.

The women of Guatemala weave their huipils on back strap looms just like this. The loom can only be the width of her back.

I've created a new logo for Sirens & Starlight to represent the new edition of these handcrafted handbags and accessories. I especially love the small volcano in the background to pay tribute to the volcanos in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala that these bags are coming from.

The flowers of the Patzun region are some of my favorite Huipils. The color, detail and opulence are magnificent.

All these tassels are waiting to be paired with handbags or find their new homes! They're so fun all together.

This huipil was hand embroidered in the Santiago region of Guatemala and depicts the amazing birds of Lake Atitlan. Each region as their own unique pattern and style that is used in their huipil designs.

The colors of the Caribbean Ocean and the Islands is one of my biggest inspirations in all that I create.

Mixing materials and textures makes the pieced richer and more opulent. I make jewelry that has a lovely tactile sensation against your skim. This hand carved stone mermaid paired perfectly with the aromatic sandalwood and carved olive wood beads.

The colors, textures and materials of these huipil bags are beyond compare

This carved red piece made the perfect Evil Eye amulet necklace

Gorgeous and bright geometric Huipil bag from Chichicastenango

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