Unique Bohemian Jewelry made with Sterling Silver, Diamonds, Semiprecious and Precious Stones inspired by Mermaids and the Sea paired with Stunning Handmade One-of-A-Kind Mayan Handbags and Accessories

I've been creating jewelry for 3 decades. I love things that sparkle and shine and even better, jewelry fits regardless of your waist size. I've been devoting my creative energy to my other Etsy store, Apocalypso by Hula Tallulah (www.etsy.com/shop/hulatallulah) for the past two years. When I found out I was having another child and that it was a little girl, I knew she was my little mermaid. I became infatuated with all things relating to Mermaids and Sirens and combined it with my love for the sea. As I began a collection of items to make unique and long lasting mementos of my daughter's arrival, I realized that it was time to start a new adventure. And so, Sirens and Starlight has been born. The materials are beautiful, delicate, precious and the designs are made to layer and to give a level of versatility to your daily looks. You can see my passion for all shades of turquoise and aqua, I simply can't get enough! Opals and sparkling opalescent stones, sterling silver and gold vermeil, antique rose cut precious stones and diamonds and the beauty and unique quality that raw minerals hold. All these elements are combined and represented in Sirens & Starlight. 
Recently, I fell in love with the textile artwork of the Mayan women of Guatemala.  I began to work with an amazing woman in Guatemala, creating and curating a handmade line of handbags and accessories. Each tells a story of the amazing woman who created it. These products are made using fair trade working with cooperative groups, small families, businesses and local artisans. They pay a fair wage and improve the economical well being of the women in the region. We are dedicated to preserving the cultural indigenous heritage and the surrounding environment. I fell in love with the story of the women of Guatemala and the stunning Huipils - the traditional shirt worn by the Mayan women of Guatemala (pronounced Wi-pil). Each huipil tells a unique and beautiful story of the woman and their heritage and are handwoven on a back-strap loom using techniques handed down for generations and in some cases embroidered and embellished after. Each huipil is one of a kind; a unique piece of art that tells the story of the woman who wove it and includes great cultural significance and sacred meaning as each region, town, and village possesses its own style and pattern. The traditional dress is called traje, the hand woven skirts are called corte and the hand embroidered belts worn, faja. It can take a woman 1 to 6 months to complete her own huipil. These beautiful pieces of handcrafted art are later repurposed in a fair trade market where the women get to set the price for their goods and often use the proceeds to buy threads to make her next traje. The best ethically sourced materials are used to take these handmade, one of a kind textiles into stunning unique handbags and accessories. A handbag can take over a month to make and complete. Each is special, unique and tells a story of the woman who created the textile and becomes a piece to be cherished by you.  
I hope you find the perfect keepsake for you here.

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